Scheduled Russian Events

2 Yusup Shuaev vs Evgeny Boldyrev +93 kg 3 rounds
pro debut for Yusup Shuaev
3 Suleyman Magomedov vs Miran Fabjan 86 kg 3 rounds
4 Rasul Khayrullaev vs Haitham El-Sayed 70 kg 3 rounds
5 Murad Zainalbidov vs Aleksandr Lunga 60 kg 3 rounds
6 Muslimbeck Muslimov vs Alexandr Svirid 77 kg 3 rounds
7 Ramazan Ramazanov vs Mohamed Sherif 84 kg 3 rounds
8 Aygun Akhmedov vs Tofik Musaev 77 kg 3 rounds
9 Vladimir Mineev vs Sebastian Ciobanu 91 kg 3 rounds
10 Shamil Zavurov vs Luiz Cado Simon 70 kg 3 rounds
11 Konstantin Erokhin vs Dave Huckaba +93 kg 3 rounds
1 Anton Mor vs Alexei Krets 77 kg 2 rounds
pro debut for both fights
2 Alexandr Vertko vs Anatoli Angelovskiy 70 kg 2 rounds
pro debut for Alexandr Vertko
3 Ilyas Omarov vs Armen Dzhragatspanyan 66 kg 2 rounds
pro debut for Ilyas Omarov
4 Alikhan Ustarkhanov vs Pavel Zimko 70 kg 2 rounds
pro debut for Pavel Zimko
5 Magomed Yaragiev vs Artem Shokalo 84 kg 2 rounds
pro debut for Magomed Yaragiev
7 Boris Miroshnichenko vs Enoc Solves Torres 84 kg 3 rounds
8 Acop Stepanyan vs Paul Reed 70 kg 3 rounds
9 Mikhail Tsarev vs Dennis Hallman 84 kg 3 rounds

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